I am unable to verify my email

Are you trying to verify your email but unable to?

  1. Click resend verification email
  2. Check your email

Tip: Remember, it's important to write your email address correctly. Don't forget to look in your spam folder too. You can also try searching for an email with the subject "Verify your email" from the sender hello@convorelay.com.


If you entered the wrong email address or made a typo, try the following:

  1. Click cancel to start the verification process again
  2. Re-enter the correct email address
  3. Enter your first and last name
  4. Click create account
  5. Check your email to verify

If you continue to have issues and need support, contact us at signup@convorelay.com or call us at 510-629-5622. We're open Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pm CT.