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1. Congratulations on your free trial! 🙌 What's On-Demand Interpreting? And is this VRS (answer: no, it's not!)...?


2. By using this service, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.


3. In return, we ask for your feedback by email at and patience as we continue to build this service. Prefer to VP? Call us at 510-629-5622 (hours: Mon-Fri 8a-6p CT).


4. Ready to start? Activate your account from the activation email and reset your password.


5. Download the app (Note for those in the USA: this is different than the Convo VRS app). Download here: Android | iOS


6. Prefer to use a computer? Use the service from your web browser instead. Web browser link (don't forget to bookmark this!)


7a. Get an interpreter by clicking Get an interpreter inside your app. After the interpreter appears, remember to turn up your speaker's volume so the hearing person with you can hear the interpreter.


7b. DEMO: getting an interpreter.


8. Hours of operation and days of the week: Monday-Friday 9:00-5:30pm CT, except major holidays.