How Can I Bring An Interpreter to a Video Conferencing Platform?

How can I have an interpreter join a video conferencing platform like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx or Google Meet?

Here are brief steps-by-steps to do so! 

  1. Go to Convo Now on the web or mobile Convo Now app.
    1. We recommend using the web app, if possible, for a better video conferencing experience.
  2. Get an interpreter, and let the interpreter know that you would like to have them join your video conference meeting.
  3. Share the video conference link via chat on Convo Now.
  4. Give the interpreter a bit of time to open up link and join the meeting. Be sure to give them the passcode/password and other information, if required.
  5. Once the interpreter is in your video conference meeting, you can do ether of two things:
    1. Stay with an interpreter through Convo Now and through the video conferencing app at the same time.
      1. However, our Interpreters use systems that don't allow multiple video feeds at the same time. So one of the interpreters' videos will be hidden; either on the video conferencing app or on Convo Now.
    1. End the call with an interpreter via Convo Now and continue the conversation through the video conferencing app. 
      1. The Interpreter(s) will document the total duration of the meeting, which will be reflected on your account shortly afterwards.